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Lycia Outdoor

Çarşı Caddesi No: 35 / C
48300 Fethiye
Muğla / Türkiye

Tel.: 0 252 612 89 72
GSM: 0 532 276 15 25



Off-Road -Fethiye Nomad Ways
Off-Road -Fethiye Nomad Ways
Because of climatic and economical conditions of the region, periodical summer migrations continuously go on to high plateaus since ancient times. Especially on Akdağ – Seki Plateaus, it is possible to see remains from ancient periods and to trail passed migrations of nomads and meet semi nomads with their own nomadic life style.
Off-Road -Canyons in Fethiye
Off-Road -Canyons in Fethiye
Lycian land still carry out some signs of Tetis Sea (Palaeozoic periods of Mediterranean) which was existed 7 – 10 Million years ago. Saklıkent Gorge and Karanlıkiçi Canyon were created by tectonic movements and water works a long time ago. It is now very enjoyable to walk in the canyons and explore marks of fossils of sea creatures and marks of early men had lived here 8.500 years ago.
Off-Road - Ancient Ways, Unknown Towns
Off-Road - Ancient Ways, Unknown Towns
Western Lycians were proud of their independency until hegemonies of Carians, Rhodians and Pergamum Kingdom in 4th BC. Emperor Claudius had turned Lycia to a province of Roman Empire after a civil commotion as an excuse in 43 A.D. The young senator Quintus Veranius had measured every town from Dalyan to Antalya and added new roads. Outdoor Lycia offers you to join this tour to explore ancient roads built in Cladius period and , visit unknown Lycian settlements as well as gorgeous nature of Lycia.
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