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Lycia Outdoor

Çarşı Caddesi No: 35 / C
48300 Fethiye
Muğla / Türkiye

Tel.: 0 252 612 89 72
GSM: 0 532 276 15 25



The best gift that you may give yourself at 2500 year old ancient roads.”

                          We offer mountaineering under 4 titles:

Trekking, Mountains of Lycia, High altitude mountaineering, Rock climbing.

If you want to see the undiscovered places in magnificent nature of Lycia, this adventure is just what you need.

Mountains of Lycia

Hundreds of mountains wait to be discovered and climbed in Lycia Region. Lycia Mountains offer you several options which you will feel different taste at every top of the mountains. We recommend mountains 2000 m above as goals. You may choose these mountains one by one or in series so you may own the certificate “Lycia tiger.”

High Altitude Mountaineering in Lycia Region

We offer you mountains 3000 m above in this option. There are two mountains which are above 3000m in Lycia Region. These are Elmalı Kızlar (3070 m) and Gömme Akdağ Uyluk Mountains (3014 m). These two mountains may show you all beauties of mountaineering. Camping in summer and winter on these mountains will become one of your unforgettable memories in life.

Rock Climbing in Lycia Region

Lycia Region offers you great options that you may do rock climbing. After climbing, you may let yourself swim in cool waters of Mediterranean and open your route. You may enjoy mountaineering in personal routes as well as in classic routes.

We are starting our activity after we take tour details and plan every little detail with you. You may pick every option for transfer and accommodation. You may bring your own vehicle or we may supply your dream vehicle. Discover the mystery of Lycia Mountains with special-equipment vehicle while your friends follow you with motocross. Tour prices will be announced according to your tour program.

Mountains of Lycia

Mountains which rise from the sea in Lycia show you the incredibly beautiful visual feast of West Toros Mounts more than 3000 m. You see another Anatolian story after every hill. You rediscover Pegasus, Bakus and Sarpedon here.

 Lycia is a mountain region. 1960 m Babadağ rising just at the side of Ölüdeniz at the southwest is the mountain whose top is the closest to the sea in the world (5km.) Babadağ is also the highest west mountain reaching Patara (Kumluova) Beach. Akdağ Mounts 3070 m at the northeast, Boncuk Mounts 2700 m at the north and Çal Mounts 2184 m at the east-west are the other mountain ranges.



Sandras, the highest mountain of Muğla, cools the touristic paradises and offers the joy of safari at the top. Ağla Village where you may have a break on the road to the top is an open air museum with authentic villages, monumental trees and lakes. Sandras hides a surprise with Kartal Lake, big trees and Ağla Hills. We climb Mount Sandras and go on a documental safari this time.

MOUNT ÇAL: 2184 Metre

Mount Çal is one of the highest hills here. Çameli asphalt road passes through 1440 m Kırkpınar Hill and Tuzlabeli. The north side of Mount Çal gives you the view of Çameli and Acıpayam. The bird’s eye view of Acıpayam, Çameli, Fethiye, Dalaman, Köyceğiz and Ortaca towns are spectacular from the top.

Mount Çal is 2184 m high. There is snow until the middle of July at one side of Çameli.


Boncuk Mountains that runs parallel to Fethiye Gulf are covered with coniferous trees at the high hills and broad-leaved trees at the foothills. Boncuk Mountains are significant especially for winter climbing. They are like the necklace of our region with the splendid visual beauties.

Lycian towns including Cadianda and Araxsa at the foothills may be visited. The top of Karadağ offers great diversity in climbing.

BABADAĞ (1960 M.)

Babadağ has distinctive fauna and flora with wonderful natural beauties. You may climb both from the south and the north. Babadağ is also the best paragliding flight area in the world. As you may fly from 1960 m high, you may also fly toward the magnificent view of Ölüdeniz from the south part. Trekking is another option on Babadağ. Trekking that is started through the best cedar forests of Turkey will end with tulip gardens at the top.

AKDAĞLAR (West Toros Mountains) (3014 m.)

Uyluk Tepe which is known as the second highest mountain of Mediterranean Region and rises just from the west of Gömbe Village is a rocky mountain chain with a few lakes and totally barren land. Green Lake, Little and Big Black Lakes are gorgeous beauties of the mountain.

The high hills of Akdağ are shaped as an irregular dome. The top of mountain is 6 km and 30 km wide. There are dolines among the sharp rocks. There are a few rifts around the top and one of the most challenging one is Göklen Rift.


Mount Olympos is a high mountain which is the biggest member of Tahtalı Mountains and 10 km to the sea. When you climb to the top, you see “Kızlarsivrisi” (3070m) which is the highest mountain of Mediterranean and you feel surprised to see the magnificent view. The mythological name of the mountain is Olympos. 5 and 6 of the monumental cedar trees (Sedrus Librani) are located in Erenkolu.


“The name of the height that sees seven climates and four corners is Kızlar Sivrisi. It is a girl breast that embraces the sky at Bey Mountains on Toros Mountains. This is the roof of Western Turkey. There is no such mountain in Aegean, Mora, Adriatic, Italy regions except Southern Anatolia Mountains and Etna Volcano in Sicily. 

It is embellished with cedars, prickly junipers and 900 year old juniperus foetidissima as the oldest one in a complete national park. National park is surrounded with high mountains. The highest of them Kızlar Sivrisi is at the south, Mount Kohu (2400 m.) and Göbe are at the west, Mount Kartal (2819 m.) and Çeştepe (2929 m.) are at the south, Katran Çukuru (2097) and Çalbalı Hill are at the north. 





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