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Lycia Outdoor

Çarşı Caddesi No: 35 / C
48300 Fethiye
Muğla / Türkiye

Tel.: 0 252 612 89 72
GSM: 0 532 276 15 25


Welcome to Outdoor Lycia web site... 

Teke Peninsula is known as “Lycian’s Homeland”.

The Lycians were the earliest settlers known in this region and

they are famous for establishing the first democratic

federation among their cities in the history. This sea faring

ancient people has built many monuments in the region

and established a famous road to join their cities

(commonly known as "Lycia way"). This ancient region of

southwest Turkey has outstanding natural, historical and

cultural richness of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean coast.

You can find detailed information in this website and

you can also book your outdoors holidays in the Lycian coast through us.

You can discover and experience Lycia through trekking on famous

ancient Lycian Way and the other Fethiye Trails, cycling,

climbing, 4X4 driving, photo safaris,gourmet and botanic tours,

culture and archaeology excursions. This breathtaking and sensational

region of south-western Turkey is awaitting for you and you can do

that as a priviliged guests of us, the Lycia outdoor.

We Lycia Outdoor are well established outdoors activities and holidays

company in this region and we provide excellent services for our guests.

Our staff are very friendly, well trained and qualified for supporting outdoors activities.

We use local guides and share our benefits with local community members.

We offer guide training and use local knowledge and

people for foraging and other activities. Moreover, we are a local based

company with a vast amount of experience in outdoors activities.

All our guides speak English and they are licensed guides.

We arrange everything for you from airport transfers to

accommodation and licensed guide services to lugagage transfers.

We can also design tailor made combination tours and excursions.

All you have to do is to ask and no requests of our

guests are too much for us to arrange. You can check out our

excursion and tours pages for detailed information.

Thank you for visiting our site.


Trekking on Lycian way


Cycling on Lycian way


Off-Road on Lycian way



Foraging & Gourmet




Mushroom Hunting


                      "The most beautiful sea: hasn't been crossed yet.

                      Our most beautiful days: we haven't seen yet."  

                                              Just   "Carpe Diem" 


    Lycia Outdoor  + 90 532 276 15 25   + 90 252 612 89 72   Çarşı Cad. No 35/C   Fethiye